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1999 Acura NSX Tire Pressure Guide

Discover the recommended tire pressure for each of the 2 1999 Acura NSX trims

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1999 Acura NSX Trims

P 215/45 R16

Cold Tire Pressure (Front) - 33 PSI

In order for the car to hold the road smoothly and have good steering, you need to monitor the pressure in the tires - it should be at the manufacturer's recommended level.

Cold Tire Pressure (Rear) - 33 PSI

Always keep the tire pressure at the proper level. Insufficient or excessive pressure can lead to loss of control, tire damage, and even suspension components failure.

Load index - 83

If you plan to use your vehicle for large loads, make sure you use the right tires for it. If you exceed the load index (weight limit) indicated on the tire, it may simply not be able to handle the load and fail, which can be extremely dangerous.

Speed rating - Y

Each tire has a speed limit at which it can be operated. Do not exceed this speed limit, as it may cause the tire to rupture and result in an accident.

P 215/40 R17

What should the tire pressure be on 1999 Acura NSX?

The tire pressure trademarks of your own 1999 Acura NSX are pretty necessary to its productivity. Supposing that they're not well balanced appropriately, afterwards you might come across wrinkled depreciation on distinctive tires which can easily bring about extreme vehicle journeys or perhaps make them unthinkable. In such wise, what do you need to know of the tire pressure in your personal auto in order to come up with the speeding protected?

Sustenance is allied to the concerns that have a significant function in the tires. It is preferred to investigate the tire pressure of the 1999 Acura NSX every regular 30 days, each time the temp remakes for more than just 10 Fahrenheit and even after every rising cost of living. In point of fact, the most crucial criterion that acts on the tire pressure of clearly any specific car is heat range. That is in as much as this vehicle trait constantly takes from one PSI for every 10 Fahrenheit slip. Because of this, motorists ought to test the tire pressure of the 1999 Acura NSX frequently, and in particular if you wheel with infants or consider a far-off outing.

Whenever you never manage your tires boosted competently, they could drain their firmness together with practice. This could result in an teetering outing with cut back conducting functions also pitiable cornering or braking capability while requested remarkably! Some day, these facts trigger differing wrench on the tire that is awful for your personal make basic safety.

Additionally, just about any car driver must keep up on how the tire pressure touches on speed. In theory, every time you raise it, the rolling resistance pitches. Howbeit actually, it makes the automobile less quickly owing to the terrible rolling resistance spike. For this reason you should truly keep the eyes open for the tire pressure of your respective 1999 Acura NSX. Our squad tidied the required information in useful records and tabulations so that you have an opportunity to see them quite easily. Since this time, you wouldn`t stress over that, and so forth take advantage of your speeding!


During the cold season, it's better to check and inflate your Acura NSX tires more frequently. Low tire pressure can make driving difficult, especially on snowy or icy streets.

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